Investments/Wealth Management

The value of the investment and the income they produce can go down as well as up and you may not get back as much as you put in.


Investing money can be very complex. The choice of investment can be very confusing with the variety of investment plans available. Also these tend to change from year to year! It is important to get the right advice and regularly review your investment to ensure that it keeps up with the changing financial situation.

National Savings products

These are investments and saving offered by the UK Government. They tend to be less risky than other types of investment available as they are Government backed. They do not offer No risk but low risk.

You would expect therefore that the returns would tend to be lower, and that certainly is the case. These investments usually tie up your money over a longer period in a more stable environment. Some of the National Savings products are tax free and indexed linked.


Another way of investing is to pool your money into a large fund. These are referred to as ‘Collectives’. This includes investment vehicles such as: Open Ended Investment Company, unit trusts and investment trusts. By pooling your money with others, it allows for more diversity and a way of spreading your risk.

For example if an investor pays into a unit trust, the investor buys a unit of an investment. This includes a wide variety of Companies, investment vehicles (shares, fixed interest etc)

An investment trust is a company which is listed on the London Stock Exchange and whose business is investing in other companies. Their whole purpose is to make money.

Investment Bonds work in a similar wat to Unit Trusts but come under a different tax regime and usually include an element of Life Protection. They can offer a wide choice of investment strategies and funds to suit your needs.

There are charges of course and these funds use the services of a fund manager (or managers) whose job it is to invest in the funds investment strategy in a way of producing growth and / or income for you.